Monday, December 18, 2017


who 'keyed' our car (and a number of others) in the Countdown Supermarket carpark.

May cockroaches infest your chocolates (which you probably stole anyway) and may you fall off your skateboard and break your bloody arm.

Merry Xmas to you and yours NOT.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ho Ho Ho


My good friend DPF at Kiwiblog is currently seeking nominations for his 'MP of the Year' awards in various categories.  For what it's worth my nominations would be ....

Minor Party MP ... Can't make my mind up between Me Tu whose 'indiscretions' and her parading of them as badges of honor saw the Green Party coming close to being booted out of Parliament  and Dr Kennedy Graham and David Clendon both of whom took a principled stand against their co-leader.

National Party MP ... has to be Matt King who defied the odds to win back Northland from the pinstriped dwarf.   The fawning media gave him little chance against WRP.    He received only limited help from Wellington and for nigh on ten months he worked his butt off traveling the electorate and raking up 30,000k in the process.    His was an old fashioned 'meet the people' campaign.  It paid off.

Labour Party MP ... easy choice.   Andrew Little.   Took the hit for the sake of his Party and didn't sulk and didn't undermine.    Labour owes him much.   Not sure that National does. 

MP of the Year ... again, an easy choice ... I give you Winston Raymond Peters ... the old man of parliament in every sense.    He did what he does best playing the electorate like a fiddle; he marginalised the Greens and is the eminence grise behind the Prime Minister.    The only way he'll exit parliament is when someone drives a wooden stake through his heart ... and even then I wouldn't bet on it.


Saturday, December 16, 2017


It would be churlish not to give Labour's mini-budget a passing tick.   Grant Robinson was bequeathed a 'set of books' the envy of many countries and a lot different from the decade of deficits 'they' gifted  National back in 2008.   Add to that record low unemployment and healthy projected GDP growth and 'they' had considerable room for maneuver on the back of 'their' promise to reverse National's tax cuts legislated to take effect from 1 April 2018.    

Labour's budget was old style Labour.   'We' know better than you how to spend 'your' money.    And they certainly spread it around like pixie dust.    You would have to expect both Labour and the Greens to get a post-budget bounce in the polls based on the 'good feel' factor ... not so sure about Winston First although you might ague that they might also benefit from the winter power subsidy for recipients of NZ Superannuation clearly directed at placating the permanently bewildered NZF demographic upset at losing their tax cut. 

But lets look at the various spending initiatives and ask whether it's quality spending.   The answer has to be NO.    Take for example that winter power subsidy.   It's not targeted.   Every pensioner gets it whether they need it or not.   So perhaps someone can set out the justification for the likes of say Winston Peters to get it.   The man's on a salary of $334,734 plus a non taxable allowance of $16,980 plus his parliamentary superannuation which he accessed when he lost his seat in parliament estimated at $60,000 +/- plus his NZ Superannuation at $15,651 (now he's sorted that little problem out) for a total of $427,635+/-.    Why does someone earning $427,635 need a subsidy to help cover his winter power bills?    Answer, he doesn't.    Even the so called Working for Families tax credit scheme has abatement provisions built into it.    So, why not this?   

No-one can argue against targeted expenditure to meet an identified problem but untargeted government largesse is wrong and dumb particularly as the budget has an identified structural weakness in the very limited provision for public servant salary and wage increases over the next three years.   A government of the 'Left' is going to have its work cut out working through State employee expectations. 

Finished work yesterday.   The Veteran and Mrs Veteran are off to Lake Rotoiti shortly where we will celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary.   Christmas eve in Terendak, Malaysia, 50 years ago and it still seems like yesterday.

Limited blogging between now and when we return.   Merry Christmas to all our readers and especially my blogger colleagues and may 2018 be all you want it to be.

Friday, December 15, 2017

7 Sharp

I see The Herald is touting for John Campbell and Hilary Barry to take over from Mike Hosking and Toni Street. mrspdm and I want to let TVNZ know that if John Campbell in particular gets anywhere near that show we will be changing channels at 7pm every night. I am only a sometimes watcher of 7 sharp, working three evenings a week but, mrspdm has been a regular watcher since Hosking joined the show. We both enjoy listening to him from 6am in the mornings where his editorial comments usually reconcile with our views - particularly where they relate to the current Government.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Call it everway whatever ... The election of Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore by over 20,000 votes in the Alabama Senate election race to replace Republican Jeff Sessions was a body blow to the President Trump and the Republican Party.

Alabama is Red, Red territory.   Up until yesterday the Republicans held both Senate seats and six out of the seven seats in the House of Representatives.     The last Democrat to win a Senate seat went out of office two decades ago.   The result is akin to Labour winning Whangarei or National winning  Palmerston North,

Trump's (belated) decision to back Moore and the failure of the Republican Party to pull the rug from his candidature is dumb politics.   Sure Moore is innocent until proven guilty but actually that's not the point.   You stand behind a candidate accused of sexual misconduct and you pay a heavy heavy price.   You can argue that politics ain't fair.   So what ... never has been.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Full of the joyous news that doctor's fees will reduce by $10 a visit to be announced in Thursday's mini budget.

Simple maths.   For a pensioner couple visiting the doctor just under twice weekly and they are ahead of the game in terms of their tax cut legislated to take effect from 1 April and to be canned by Labour, Winston First and the Greens..   Everyone else is a loser.

Don't know of too many pensioner couples that visit their GP twice a week so that equates to a hell of a lot of losers per courtesy of 'your' Labour coalition government.

How About That. Eh?

Last week Adolf attended what is called the 'graduation parade' for his grandson's Air Force Cadets unit.  The affair was very well done with the standard of parade ground skill well above expectations.

Image result for australian air force cadets logo

Apart from said grandson receiving an award for marksmanship (takes after his gf who was a uni rifle team member) there was one award which caught my attention.  A fifteen year old unit member was presented with his private pilot's licence for which he had studied assiduously. 

Now get this!  He's too young to be allowed to drive a car in this crazy country.

Isn't that a bit like forbidding a brain surgeon from applying band aids to skin lacerations?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ho Ho Ho

Conditioning Your Base For A Loss

Adolf is still chuckling after reading this analysis for the upcoming Alabama Senate election.  You'd almost think they know they are going to lose!

"Democrats head into Tuesday’s Senate election in Alabama confident that they'll come out on top no matter who wins........

.........If Roy Moore wins, they'll spend the next year yoking every Republican they can to the accused child predator and a president who welcomed him into the GOP fold. They'll be quick to remind everyone of all the other comments Moore has made against Muslims and gays and in favor of Vladimir Putin’s view of America as evil, as well as his rosy view of slave-era America."

I sincerely hope they do exactly that.    The louder they shout, the more people will vote for President Trump.

hattip Poliitico

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I am a tad surprised at the result of the first post election One News Colmar Brunton Poll.    I would have expected Labour to have enjoyed a 'honeymoon' bounce and overtaken National as the most preferred Party.    Not so .....

National 46% +1.6% from the election)
Labour 39% (+2.1%)
Greens 7% (+0.7%)
Winston First 5% (-2.2%)

What is not surprising is that on this result Winston First is margin-of-error stuff from being out of Parliament.  

Lotsa water etc 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

That Coalition Agreement

Yes, thaaaaaat one.  The agreement between losers.

Much has been made of the secrecy surrounding this document, with the parties actually defying the Ombudsman after he had pointed out their breaches of the Official Information Act.

The consensus among the chatterers who call themselves journalists is that the reason for secrecy is that the agreement states Winston Peters will become PM in the event Adern steps down, for whatever reason. 

This is supposed to be a big deal?   Embarrassing for all the parties?  Pull the other leg, journos.  You are insulting the Hon Winston Peters who is a far better negotiator then that.

Here's the real reason for the secrecy.  The document will be seen to specify not only that Peters will succeed Adern as PM but it will set out the date by which such an event will take place.

I'll wager a dozen bottles of good Coonawarra Cabernet on it.


After too many years of pointless denials from Police HQ that Cliff and his Highwaymen  parked at the bottom of a hill on a straight road and/or covert placement of a speed camera at the end of a similar passing lane, the Waikato head honcho of traffic police has publicly abandoned  “quota driven ticketing”.

An outbreak of an attempt to regain some respect or suicide mission will be revealed in time but for now applause for good sensible policing.

On Labour Monday travelling south in high winds on Hwy one south of Hurunui pub where I had pulled over to allow a small buildup of following traffic to clear I was pulled over by a moron “gadget man” for holding up traffic at seventy five Kph, one Km short of a long uphill passing lane and not far short of the 80 kph limit in the Weka Pass instituted since the emergence of
SH 7 as the answer to SH 1 closures around Kaikoura.
A policing manoeuvre to gain a stupid KPI evidential record in his log book, no more no less.

So many involved around road crash incidents that fell quite spectacularly from vast advances in vehicle design and construction and now increasing from equally increases in vehicle numbers and movements, saw a mirage of effectiveness from moronic revenue collection systems.

Now  a plod with an apparent  surplus of brain cells has had a road to Damascus moment and put his head up above the ramparts, it will be interesting watching this space.

Political poll

The Veteran has another poll for our readers:

Do you think President Trump will stand for a second term?

If he stands do you think he will win?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Democrats Lose Alabama......

....... with this adert.

“Part of the reason the Democratic Party has been marginalized as a party that only exists on the coasts and in urban areas is whitemannery like this “The Democratic Party is trash. It is the reason Hillary Clinton lost. It is the reason Donald Trump is president.”

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, December 7, 2017


The Basin Reserve in Wellington is by any measure an iconic cricket ground steeped in history.

So could someone please explain to me how/why the crowd facilities remain anchored in a 1950's time warp and just why the 'yellow ticketed' old grandstand remains standing and why also that the NZ Cricket Museum, located in the bowls of the old grandstand,  remains open to the public while the grandstand proper remains off limits to the public.

It would be a shame if the Basin were to lose its status as a test cricket venue but unless 'someone' gets off their arse one can see that happening.    Right now the Basin Reserve is an embarrassment that Wellington should be ashamed of.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Among the winners in the announcement by the coalition government of 'free' tertiary education for first year students will be those attempting a Diploma in Tournament Golf from IGQ Golf College in Christchurch; a Diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from the NZ Institute of Chinese Medicine in Auckland and a Diploma in Commercial Skydiving from Skydive Auckland.

And the losers ... the long suffering NZ taxpayer who will pick up the tab.

One might have expected a tad of academic rigor to be applied in determining the courses of study to benefit from the government's largess but perhaps not ... you will recall the last Labour led administration sanctioned taxpayer funding funding for 'homeopathy for pets' courses.       

Government on a spending spree with 'your' money.    Get used to it folks.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


A just released ministerial briefing paper has made it very clear that the Chief Executive of the Pike River Recovery Agency would be held responsible for anything that went wrong during the recovery operation.    This despite the announcement by Minister Little that the Chief Executive would answer to him and that he (Little) would have the final say.    So, Little gives the order and the CEO takes the can.

Talk about leading from the rear.     Others less charitable then I might even label it craven cowardice.     Have to ask whether this will have people lining up for the CEO job ... and we won't even mention Winston Peters' promise to lead the recovery operation in person.    Anything for a vote perhaps.   Figures.

All That Winning Must Be Tough

This one is just for Milt and David.

It must warm the cockles of your hearts to see President Trump doing so much winning.

First, the tax reforms passed in the House and Senate, to be blended and sent to the White House for signing.  Your scurvy mates had the temerity to squeal that the bill was 479 pages and they didn't have time to read it before the vote.  They were not the least bit agitated about passing Obama's 2,000+ page Affordable Care Act before anyone could read it.

Hard on the heels of tax reform comes today's SCOTUS decision to uphold the president's ban on immigrants from seven countries.  The decision was decisive. 7 to 2.

Sooner or later something will be done to rid the courts of Democrat operatives in black robes.


Coalition government members would have wended their way home last week muttering TGIF.    Welcome to reality people.   There will be many more TGIFs to come.   Get used to it.   Lets look back ....

For the Greens ... we can debate the Golly Gosh affair till the cows come home and all we will end in doing is agreeing to disagree.   It was not a hanging offense but, taken in conjunction with the Me Tu shambles and the Greens are exposed at their sanctimonious worst.    I can understand completely the amount of push-back this has generated from 'defenders of the faith'.    Explaining is losing and explaining from inside a hole getting deeper is never easy.

For Winston First ... Peters offhand dismissal of the advice tendered by his own ministry (MFAT) that the agreement between Labour and NZF to charge exporters of water a royalty was in breech of TPPA2 and several other trade agreements and his comment that 'he would talk to another lawyer because he did not trust this view' sez much about Peters.     I guess Peters knows any number of 'Philadelphia lawyers' who will tell him what he wants to hear but the latest comment from David Parker, Trade Minister, that 'he was well aware that a straight export tax was prohibited by all our trade agreements' sez it all.    I'll take Parker over Peters any day and that begs the question as to why 'they' ever signed up to it ... and let's not even mention that on the numbers touted by Labour the total amount generated by such a tax would be more than offset by the cost of administration.

For Labour ... Many commentators have warned that the proposal by Labour to charge for water would let the genie out of the bottle and it has ... never mind the proposal has been 'watered' down (for the time being) to exclude water used for irrigation.   Willie Te Aho, Chair of the Iwi Leaders Forum has made it clear that they will go back to the Courts unless, by Waitangi Day 2018, there is progress on their claim that it is the right of Iwi to own/manage fresh water.  The reality is that 'they' probably have a case given the precedent established in respect of the broadcast (airwaves) spectrum. No government could accept that and Labour would have to legislate against it.   Last time that happened and it spawned the Maori Party.

What goes around comes around and this is going to pit Maori against Pakeha and Labour member against Labour member ... assuming of course Labour's Maori caucus has any spine at all.

And then there is the just released business confidence survey.   From +18% in August to -39%  at the end of November.   These arn't just numbers.   They translate into employers likely to put on hold the hiring of new staff especially against the backdrop of the government determined to do away with the three month trial period.      That's not a recipe for reducing unemployment.

And then going forward it's NZF vs the Greens with Labour playing piggy in the middle ... Shane Jones wants work for the dole for 'real wages' (whatever that means and acknowledging the 'policy' has still to be developed) and ignoring the fact that currently recipients of the dole are required to be actively looking for work while the Greens, in turn, are firmly against any form of coercion for beneficiaries evidenced by their determination to remove the requirement of mothers seeking income support to name the father of their children thus obviating the need for the father to pay child support.  Work for the dole vs no obligation child support.    Train wreck well and truly in train.

TGIF!!!!! for them its surely going to be TGIX ... go figure.    

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ho Ho Ho

Friday, December 1, 2017

Karma - South Australian Style

Adolf's ribs are aching.

After the state's disastrous power outages last year caused by over reliance on subsidized 'renewable energy,'  the lunatic Premier promised to fix the problem by installing a fifty million dollar battery facility, courtesy of one Melon Musk, the world's best extractor of gummint dollars.

The Tesla battery system in Jamestown was turned on today, as wild storms felled power lines.

With great fanfare, today the great battery was turned on.  Today, storms struck the area and power is now cut to a large area surrounding the complex.

"Wild weather in South Australia has brought down power lines and triggered blackouts in the communities around the state’s Tesla battery on the day it was switched on.Data from SA Power Networks has revealed 208 homes in areas around the battery will be without power until as late as 11pm tonight after wild weather and more than 250,000 lightning strikes overnight felled power lines and cut supply."
Just imagine how much better off the long suffering tax payers of South Australia might have been if that $50mil had been spent strengthening the transmission lines.  A state election looms and the Libs could not have written a better script.

Adolf awaits the inevitable spin from the Premiere's PR machine which has more power apparently than all the batteries in South Australia.

Signs are going up on all roads into South Australia.

"Welcome to Venezuela."

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Thursday, November 30, 2017


James Shaw, leader of the Greens, has some explaining to do about his involvement in the deception regarding Ghahraman's c.v.  This is an extract from a speech he gave to the NZ Institute of International Affairs in the Grand Hall at Parliament on 30 May 2017:
..... "Members of this audience may be interested to know that one of those candidates, Golriz Ghahraman, is, at number ten on the list, almost certain to become the first Member of Parliament who started her life in New Zealand as a refugee.
Having fled Iran in 1990 as a child, Golriz is now a human rights lawyer who worked as a prosecutor at the United Nations tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia ......"
That is a direct quote from Shaw’s speech to the NZIIA. So there are two alternatives in play here.
Either the Green Party didn't do due diligence on Ms Ghahraman, and simply took it for granted that her claims were accurate, or they made a conscious decision to present a sanitised version of her CV in the run-up to the election.

Shaw must address this issue without delay, instead of hiding behind his Shield of Sanctimony, accusing others of a “political hit-job”. It is clear from the quote above that he and his party, whether knowingly or not, have been part of the deception.

Hat tip to Keeping Stock

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

This is the one that will do her in.

Golriz and Gorilla


The news that North Korea has launched another ICBM into the Sea of Japan where it landed inside the Japanese EEZ is troubling indeed.    It will be seen by China, the United States, Japan and South Korea as another indication of the rogue states refusal to curtail its nuclear missile programme.

War can only ever be the final option.   It has not reached that stage yet but the nuclear clock is ticking towards twelve.    There are extensive sanctions in place although you an bet your bottom dollar that the DPRK is heavily engaged in finding ways to circumvent them in much the same way as South Africa and Rhodesia did in the 1970s.

There is one further option which is no doubt being explored ... the introduction of a cordon sanitaire against North Korean ports and preventing ship entry/exit to those ports much like President Kennedy's blockade of Cuba in 1962 at the time of the Cuban missile crisis.

There are only five ports of any significance in Korea; two on the west coast and five on the north coast.    The countries largest port is Nampo on the west coast along with four medium sized ports; Haeju on the west coast and Wonsan, Hungnam and Chongjin on the east coast.    

It would be relatively easy to disable any ship attempting breakout/breakthrough and provided it was done in international waters and against a backdrop of warnings there is not really too much difference between that and the sanctions regime already in place.    One thing for sure ... the United States is not going to sit back and do nothing in response to Kim Jong-un's latest provocation.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Defending the indefensible

A phrase that came up in the context of Golriz Ghahraman, a human rights lawyer who did a human rights lawyer's job and made sure that the human rights of people accused of war crimes were protected.  That apparently causes a great deal of outrage among people who don't know what human rights are.

Apparently, the failure to explicitly state what role you played in each of your trials when you put together a few paragraphs about your career as a lawyer is a shameful attempt to conceal the truth, even if you've gone into those roles in some depth in interviews, and SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

Meh.  When I think of politicians guilty of defending the indefensible, two in particular come to mind, both from the last National government (and one still a National MP).  Todd Barclay and Chris Bishop both worked as lobbyists for tobacco companies, which have killed more people than your average Hague accused could dream of.  These two were not human rights advocates keen to make sure that even tobacco companies are treated properly, but men who defended the indefensible because there was good money in it. I'm sure that if Slater and Farrar are concerned to make sure the public is fully informed about dubious activities by their politicians, there's fertile ground there for investigation.  All that investigating Golriz Ghahraman is going to turn up is the stench of angry White men exercising their misogyny.