Tuesday, November 21, 2017


St Jacinda is developing a reputation big noting, gossip, tittle-tattle, and its come back to bite her with a vengeance.     Last week she let slip that in meeting President Trump he thought she was Justin Trudeau's wife ... more grist to the 'dummkopf' legend.   The story made international news.

When pressed for details she backtracked and said she had heard that from a third party whom she declined to name.    Pressed further and she said that when she met Trump he knew exactly who she was.  

So Ms Ardern passes on gossip knowing it to be untrue.   She needs to grow up and realize she is no longer Comrade Ardern, President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, but Prime Minister of the country and act accordingly.    She embarrasses herself and embarrasses us.

One thing for sure ... her deliberate slighting of President Trump will not have gone unnoticed in the United States.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wonderful Headlines

Who can forget the immortal headline from 1970s Australia:

"Smartest Ever PM Done Over By Dumbest Ever Premier"

This was on the occasion of Whitlam being totally outwitted and outmaneuvered by Bjelke Petersen over a replacement senator for Queensland.  Whitlam had pronounced himself th smartest ever PM and had called Bjelke Petersen the dumbest ever Premier.

Today saw a similar effort from Andrew Bolt although I must admit I have written the headline for him.

"Dimwit Outwitted By Halfwit"

On the occasion of terminal Turnbull delaying the sitting of parliament for a week in order for him to hide from the opposition and the media and Katter, not possessing the most scintillating of intellects, completely stuffing up Turnbull by declaring he will turn up to the house on the scheduled first day.  Of course Labour immediately followed suit.

Politics is such wonderful sport but I'm choking on all the popcorn.


Good on Labour for building on what had already been achieved by National in signing up to TPPA #2 (or whatever fancy name they now call it).   Good on them for having the courage to do a u-turn in their previous opposition to the TPPA.  

Good on the Greens for having the courage of their convictions and standing resolutely opposed to TPPA #2.

But you can be forgiven that wry smile at the antics of NZF in House over the deal.    Up until now NZF's position on the TPPA can be summed up as 'no way Jose'.   But last week in Parliament Shane Jones couldn't give a straight answer on where his Party now stood in relation to the deal ... could it just be that Winston First was/is still making up his mind?    That's the problem you have with a Party led by Archbishop Brian Tamaki in drag.

One thing for sure ... the NZ First touted free-trade agreement between this country and the  Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union has been assigned a priority by the Government somewhere below subterranael.

And we won't even talk about Acting Prime Minister Kelvin Davis performance at question time.   Suffice to say he was totally out of his depth and the media quite rightly roasted him for his incompetence.   He may well have been a half decent Principal of a small Intermediate School and he certainly killed off Hone Harawiri's political career but Prime Ministerial material he ain't.    

For this Government the recess week couldn't come quick enough.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


I have been an interested watcher of Zimbabwe from the sidelines for many years.   Previously known as the 'breadbasket of Africa' it is a country with huge potential properly run.    The last three decades has seen the country driven to its knees by the Mulgabe regime.    And now it appears that Mulgabe has been deposed in what was effectively an Army coup (although nobody wants to admit that for a variety of reasons).

The new President is likely to be the sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwe (aka 'the crocodile')  but before the world community cracks open the champagne it might do well to reflect on this from one of his colleagues from the war of independence who worked with him for many years when he said ... "he is a very cruel man, very cruel" ... or this from a Zanu-PF (ruling Party) official who said "You think Mugabe is bad but have you thought that whoever comes after him could be even worse?"

Interesting times ahead for Zimbabwe.   Lord Egbut knows the country intimately ... I would be interested to read his take on events.

Updated ... Mugabe refuses to go.    In a rambling and sometimes incoherent speech Mugabe essentially blamed Zanu-PF for the situation he finds himself in and insists he remains in charge while ignoring his and wife Grace's expulsion from the Party he supposedly doesn't lead anymore ... and the 'service' chiefs sat behind him stony faced ... only in Africa, only in Zimbabwe.     

Ho Ho Ho

Apology to Lord Eggbutt

Hi Lord Egbut

Please don't take the deletion of your comment personally.

I didn't actually read your comment before hitting the deletion button.
Just checking to see if it still works.

You are welcome to comment anonymously on my posts but please don't expect me to bother engaging in a response.

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It's not like there is a lot of competition on the Left so you could do quite well.

There will be no shortage of material as you will be guaranteed at least one clusterf*** a week to spin.

To get you started I've found a logo for you. Humble apologies if it's the wrong gender.


Saturday, November 18, 2017


The comment by Adam Blair, Kiwi Captain, after being bundled out of the RLWC Quarter Final by Fiji.

"We won't be taking too many negatives out of this game".

FFS ... there isn't any real League competition in Fiji.   WTF does that say about the Kiwis and New Zealand League.

Ar least 'Bluey' McClennan, ex Kiwi and Warriors coach and Sky League commentator, had it right when he said Blair's comments were dumb as was the Kiwi team.

Been a while

It's raining out and I've got a free hour.

Firstly to my fellow bloggers on No Minister. Well done in keeping up the daily grind of posts. Its a worthy effort.

To the election.

As a contender for "The South Pacific Island Banana Democracy" prize, NZ has hit the jackpot.

MMP has finally delivered a coalition of losers. It was really just a matter of time and there can't be any bitterness as it was the inevitable outcome of our chosen system.

But National blew a fourth term.

John Key resigned without having ever spent a dime of his political capital to push real change. Then in handing over the reigns to English he set National's election demise in stone.

English, to his credit, actually did a better job as leader second time round, but at the end of the day, he remains a two time election loser, heading a party that came across more interested protecting their "comfort zones" than producing a real vision for NZ.

They may have got us through the Crash/Earthquake but that was just prudent day to day governing stuff.

What about the the vision stuff?

The world is changing. Even though human nature remains the same, the next generation of NZers have their own way of looking at things. The pressures of population growth and competition for resources/technology opportunities ensure that outcome. We all rely on the next generations ideas.

Against a totally disorganised Labour opposition under the leadership of Little, they may have had a chance.

But the arrival of Comrade Ardern (helUN II) put paid to any chance of that outcome.

The true puppet master of the 5% strategy, Peters, seized his opportunity and before we knew it we had the ex President of the International Union of Socialist Youth as PM and a bunch of complete noddies in power. Just witness their opening week in Parliament.

The fiscal holes are already appearing like clouds on a sunny day.

Just a quick reminder that the 20th Century version of Socialism dealt a deadly hand to over 150 million citizens of the world - 4,000 for every day.

This centuries version may or may not be as brutal, but we will all pay the price one way or another in terms of freedom - rights and speech.

The "pressing" issues they have seized upon- child poverty, refugees, climate change, planting trees, building houses, telling other countries what to do, free stuff for their voter base etc are all smoke and mirrors. Nothing will ever be resolved as they are all moving targets. With the added threat that the worthy concept of personal responsibility will be even more diminished in society.

We will end up billions more dollars in debt and the same shit that happens to the world will still happen.

Ardern is starting with $3,000,000 to a few pedophile opportunists on Manus Island and that is just the beginning of her long march through our economy.

To the conservative people of NZ.

Get your act together. Understand that the world is changing, the next generation is coming. If you don't embrace that change and make stuff happen under your watch, then Comrade Ardern will do it for you.

Only In America

Those who have been keeping abreast (pun intended) of American politics will know that alleged sexual assault and peccadilloes are the latest cause du jour.

Those who don't need only google Moore or Franken.

The Democrats seem to have the front running here with an illustrious history.  Some of their top performers were John Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  In a memorable quote JFK complained 'If I don't get a bit of stray ass every few days, I get migraines.'

In a bizarre twist, a Democrat candidate for the position of Ohio State Governor has pre-empted all the nonsense and publicly boasted of fornicating with over fifty women.  This fellow just happens to be a state supreme court judge, no less.   Pity any woman who has him sit in judgement on her sexual assault case!

Adolf eagerly awaits revelations from female nymphomaniac Democrat candidates of their bedroom athletic achievements.

Oh well, it has been obvious for some time that a successful Democrat needs to have a dick bigger than his brain.


Saint Jacinda has let her heart rule her head in seeking to embarrass Oz over their refusal to accept the NZL offer to take 150 'refugees' from Manus Island.    Her arrogance on the issue could well have severe implications for the Oz-NZL relationship.

This from the Australian Immigration Minister (paraphrased) ... 'It is your (NZL) sovereign right to negotiate direct with the PNG Government to take those refugees off their hands but should you do so you will be putting at risk the right of New Zealanders to enjoy visa free entry into Australia'.

Clearly Oz ain't gonna stand by and let queue jumper 'refugees' enjoy back-door entry into their country via New Zealand.

Ardern is now a prisoner of her own rhetoric.   Anyone wanna bet on who blinks first?

p.s.   And lets not even mention that Winston First doesn't want them anyway.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Been an interesting week and I was fortunate enough to be in Parliament for a number of maiden speeches and the after-match hospitality.     It is my experience that you get to see new members at their best in making their maiden speeches ... before they get ground down by the very institution of Parliament and the caucus machine.

There were good speeches from across the political spectrum and I'm loathe to single out any particular one (or two) but I will ... the speeches from Denise Lee (National, Maungakiekie) and Paul Eagle (Labour, Rongotai) where they laid bare personal tragedies in their lives were particularly moving.   I commend them for their courage in sharing those moments with us.     I wish them and every new MP well ... Parliament is a fishbowl and not for the fainthearted.   Some will leave the House having made a name for themselves; others will leave disappointed.

We're now seeing the result of National's bluff when, on the first sitting day of Parliament, Labour folded and agreed to increase the number of seats on Select Committees to 108.    Of the thirteen Committees constituted National has parity of numbers on eight of them.

For the record those Committees comprise Economic Development, Science and Innovation (10 members - Nat 5, Lab 3, NZF 1, G 1);  Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 3, G 1); Governance & Administration (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 4); Health (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 4); Justice (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 4); Maori Affairs (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 2, NZF 1, G 1); Primary Production (8 members - Nat 4, Lab 3, NZF 1) and Regulations Review (six members - Nat 3, Lab 3).   That's going to make it 'interesting' ... especially for the Government Whips.

I wear my political bias on my sleeve and so here are a couple of messages for those who would argue that the Government ain't legitimate ... get over it; it is.   It's a product of MMP and, while MMP is a bastard system, its our system and it ain't gonna change anytime soon.    National should treat the next 2 years, ten months as a gift to renew and reinvigorate.    When you're the Opposition the grass roots membership can have a huge say in policy development ... it's much easier to advocate new ideas outside government rather than when you occupy the treasury benches.   For the caucus; pick your targets carefully, avoid the scatter gun approach.    There are weak links already apparent ... in our relationship with Oz; in the coalition with TPPA #2; in housing and the backtrack on numbers; in fishing; in the fiscal hole created by the promises made in stitching together the Government.

National needs to have an honest conversation about partners.   ACT, IMHO, is terminal.   But there is 1-3% out there on the right who see National as too centrist.   Can National fascinate a relationship with that constituency and help them into Parliament.    Equally and perhaps National's Blue/Green SIG can be morphed into something that can reach out into the Greens support base and shake loose Green voters concerned about their hard left social agenda.    There are risks with this but there are potential rewards also.   One thing for sure ... I think it would be foolish to bank on a stategy predicated on National being able to govern alone.

24 hours in politics is a long time; a week even longer.   But 2020 is not too far away.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Coup D'Etat In Rhodesia

There has been a coup d'etat in Zimbabwe.  The military has taken over and apparently deposed Mugabe and his regime, although denying such is the case.

From the Wall Street journal:-

"Zimbabwe’s military seized control of state television and the international airport and launched operations to subdue what it called the country’s “degenerating” political establishment, even as it denied it was ousting longtime leader President Robert Mugabe......

...... “We wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of government,” Maj. Gen. Sibusiso Moyo said early Wednesday. “What the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is doing is to pacify a degenerating political, social and economic situation in our country.”..................

.............The military’s actions took place just hours after its chief was accused of treason by Mr. Mugabe’s party, which only days before fired the president’s powerful vice president. The firing was seen as clearing the way for the 93-year-old leader to install his 52-year-old wife, Grace, as one of his two deputies and hoist her into a prime position to succeed him."

Adolf looks forward to expressions of righteous indignation from all those people who bemoaned Commodore Bainimara's military removal of a corrupt regime in Fiji.


Looks like the MSM is picking up where 'No Minister' left off.  

'Informed sources' have told No Minister that in the next 24 hours the media will be exposing Captain the Honorable Ron Mark as a medals cheat in his wearing of the baubles he 'acquired' when serving as a mercenary in the the Omani SSF.

Not sure of the byline ... 'We are not amused' ... perhaps.

You heard it first.

NZ Drifts Away From Republicanism

............. well, The Australian seems to think so.

From the business section:-

'Westpac has had its minimum regulatory capital requirements increased by the Royal Bank of New Zealand after the central bank found the lender failed to comply with regulatory obligations relating to its status as an internal models bank.'

Monday, November 13, 2017


Even  when they became winners after being selected by a man whose party scored a mere seven percent of the vote and that seven  percent had a never disclosed number of voters who wanted that man to go with National, by far the largest party, Comrade Taxinderella might be just a little na├»ve.

A self opinionated socialist who in a classic case of megalomania calls himself  "Bomber" when in fact Bombastic is as close as he gets to the sobriquet bestowed on the commander of Bomber Command in UK during WW2, Sir Arthur Harris.

In a post at his website The Daily Blog, this small minded  numpty has attacked the National party for their decisive victory in Battle number one of the new Parliament where because the three headed Hydra couldn't do sums, Bridges managed to bluff a dominant position on select committees for that largest party.

Included in his rant Bradbury reverted to Godwin for support and most intelligent people understand that using That "Law" is a first indication the argument is lost.

Herr Schikelgruber came o the chancellorship of Deutschland from President Hindenburg with a vote around  that which Taxinderella gained in election 2017 in NZ but that is where it ends. Nationals 46 percent  in Germany c1932 was equal to a plethora of parties all less than Hitlers Nazi party putting Bradbury's pathetic linkage in never never land context.

Cindy also is sans the "brown shirts" whose unlawful street  intimidation, thuggery and even murder makes another massive hole in Martyn Martin's analogy, rather tenuous.

Within the intended scenario of the Sainte- Lague  system that NZ  MMP has adopted that favours smaller parties over larger, allowing a level of leverage to charlatans to manipulate the system, it is what it is and I wonder if the Bradburys of this world actually comprehend what is happening.

Just because a NZLP led opposition over nine years failed to even dent the program of Key and then English due to interminable infighting, ignorance and pathetic tactics, does not logically mean that National will do similar and what happened last week is but a portent of what may lie in store for the Peters/Ardern outfit with little Jimmy two mums aimlessly following in bewilderment, from a party in opposition with a very large well informed block of 46%

Of course while dwelling in the 1930s and 40s there was another Martin near the very highest echelons of the Nasty Party and his end was never discovered.

Be very careful what you wish for "Bombastic", another oft quoted  homily from the real Bomber Harris is "The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind."
And a whirlwind it became.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Many of you will have been to Hawaii and while there taken the tour to visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour.   It is a sobering experience.  

Not too many of you would have flown over the South China Sea off Kuantan where the Prince of Wales and the Repulse were sunk by the Japanese on the third day of hostilities.    On a clear day you can see their indistinct shapes through the water and when I flew over the site fuel oil was still making its way to the surface.

Force 'Z' which comprised the two capital ships and four destroyers sailed from the Singapore Naval Base to intercept that Japanese invasion fleet that was landing troops in south Thailand and north Malaya.   It was commanded by Admiral Tom (Thumb) Phillips who was one of the dwindling band of Admirals who failed to appreciate the changing dynamic of air power.   As it was the fleet had no air cover even though this could have been provided by the deployment of (albeit obsolescent) Buffaloe fighters from Singapore forward to the Kuantan airfield.

Phillips was a good friend of the later Air Chief Marshal (Bomber) Harris who used to tease him both about his height and his stubborn refusal to believe a battleship could be sunk from the air.  It is recorded that Harris once told Phillips ... 'One day Tom you'll be standing on a box on your bridge and your ship will be smashed to pieces by bombers and torpedo aircraft and as she sinks your last words will be ... that was a f*****g big mine'.

Prophetic words indeed ... 840 sailors were killed in the action.  Phillips went down with his ship.


Ho Ho Ho

Friday, November 10, 2017


For nigh on a month Winston Peters played New Zealand like an orchestra.  We're waiting for the postal votes to come in before we start talking.   We're playing this down the middle.   We're negotiating in good faith.   The agreements will be put to the NZF Board for a final decision.  Will he, won't he.   Untold countless numbers of  typewriters were interviewed.  We waited in trepidation ... and all for nowt.

Winston First made his decision to go with Labour the day before polling day when he lodged papers in the High Court in Auckland against Bill English, Paula Bennett, Stephen Joyce, Anne Tolley and others over breech of privacy in the leaking of details regarding his NZL superannuation over-payment.    At that point it was all over rover.   He was never going to go with National ... what transpired was political theatre and a f*****g farce.

Having said all that Peters had/has a right to feel aggrieved.   Bill English said as much when the story broke.   Peters is an intensely private person and this would have really hurt especially given that he paid the money back at the first opportunity ... nah, not talking about the $157k.    If the leak can be sheeted home to a then Cabinet Minister then he/she must resign.   No ifs, buts or maybes ... gone by lunchtime.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Your dopey new PM wants to bring this and a few hundred others like it to your community.

"A Manus Island refugee was ­arrested for allegedly trying to strangle a female doctor with a plastic bag and punching her in the face after receiving treatment at a medical centre run by the ­Australian government.The Australian understands the 50-year-old man was accused of attacking a senior female doctor after he was treated at a clinic operated by the International Health and Medical Services, which is paid for by the federal government and treats asylum-seekers residing on Manus Island."
If only the media would stop referring to these fake refugees as 'asylum seekers.' They are illegal immigrants, each of whom paid big money to jump the queue.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

This is scary if I am right

Will we see in the house today Kelvin Davis as Acting Prime Minister with the former SAS `puncture repairer' Ron Mark as Deputy and Jimmie Shaw as number 3 in the pecking order. The thought makes me shudder!!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Last week I authored a post on the coalition agreement negotiated between Labour and NZ First to "Work towards a Free Trade Agreement with the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union".

I commented on the negative reaction to such a move by the European Union and their observation that it would be a clear impediment to any negotiations for a free trade agreement between NZL and the EU.

And now the Prime Minister has come out and said that the free trade agreement between NZL and the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union was 'a very low priority'.     Was that a put down, slap in the face, to Winston First or not?

Begs the question ... how many more undertakings in the coalition agreements negotiated between Labour and NZ First and Labour and the Greens will also be designated as very low priority by Labour and what effect will that have on working relationships particularly at cabinet level ... just askin.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sore losers still sore

Hot on the heels of the hilarious stupidity nailed by Andrew Geddis in his post "Simon Bridges thinks that Simon Bridges is eroding parliamentary democracy" comes this piece from Tracy Watkins, which happens to mention what National plan to do about this supposedly terrible threat to democracy that they created when they thought they'd benefit from it but are now eager to pin on Labour now it turns out Labour will benefit from it. 

Here's Watkins' description of the plan: 

But National is promising to frustrate Labour's legislative programme unless it backs down over limiting [select committee] numbers. 
It will do so by filibustering on Government business before the House. 

Awesome plan, guys!  Voters love seeing politicians pointlessly wasting everybody's time over matters of obscure parliamentary procedure!  And surely Labour wouldn't be so dastardly as to adopt John Key's tactic of just pushing everything through under urgency to prevent the opposition slowing their legislative programme.  I mean, they wouldn't do something like that, would they?  That would totally fuck the plan! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


I see that the coalition agreement negotiated by Winston First with Labour contains a commitment to establish a Museum at Waitangi honoring the men of WW2's  28 (Maori) Battalion.

That's nice ... but what about similar for 18 Battalion and Armoured Regiment; 19 Battalion and Armoured Regiment; 21 Battalion, 22 Battalion; 23 Battalion; 24 Battalion; 25 Battalion, 26 Battalion;  Div Arty et al.    Those soldiers too served with honor and distinction.   What's so special about 28 (Maori) Battalion.

But hold on ... the long established and internationally recognised National Army Museum at Waiouru (Te Mata Toa) honors all those who fought regardless of race.   Why this then? ... especially from a Party that campaigned on doing away with the Maori seats because they were race based and divisive (and folded on their commitment at the first opportunity).

Humbug and double humbug.   NZF couldn't lie straight in bed.    A good spend of taxpayer money NOT.

Amateur Hour or Kindergarten Koncert?

Adolf is amazed - nay, staggered, at the speed with which a bunch of mediocre nonentities is setting about dismantling a thriving economy.     Three strikes, 90 day trial period, an end to employer/employee negotiations etc etc.   It must be only a matter of time before compulsory union membership is restored.

And now the silly girl wants to bring in a whole mob of fake refugees from Manus Island?

So that's the wrecking off to a good start.

The question remains, when will the hating begin?

Ho Ho Ho


with the West and seek to revive the stalled free-trade talks with Russia, a pariah State shunned by the international community following their invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea in 2014 ... and why would Labour agree to such a move?

Interesting question especially as Winston has opposed virtually every free-trade agreement we have ever signed up to.

The move has already attracted international criticism.   Bernard Savage, the European Union's Ambassador to New Zealand said such a move would be viewed in a 'very negative' light and would 'complicate New Zealand's efforts later this year to secure a free-trade deal with the EU'.

Just why you would move to harm relationships with our third largest trading partner where our two way trade is already in excess of $20b annually and instead cosy up to a country that sees itself as perpetually at war with the West fair escapes me ... Labour will regret being rolled on this one ... or perhaps not.   They hold the Trade and Export Growth Portfolio (Parker).   The balls in their court and they might just choose to hit it out of court.

Russia has, in the past, bought elections.   Perhaps, just perhaps, they made a judicious 'investment' in Winston First.   If they have then it looks like that investment is already paying dividends.   

The Cabinet could become a free-fire zone.


Saturday, November 4, 2017


This week Roy Morgan released the first poll taken since the election.    It shows support for the Labour/NZF/Greens coalition government has fallen 1.9% to 48.5% while that for National/ACT has risen 1.5% to 46.5% with all the increase accruing to National with ACT unchanged at 0.5%.

The biggest loser was Labour which saw their share of the vote drop from 36.9% to 31%.    Winston First was also a loser with their share dropping from 7.2% to 6.5%.   Those losses were partially offset by the rise in the Green vote from 6.27% to 11%.

That could change the dynamics in the coalition of the two losers and one gainer just a tad.    Our good friend Psycho Milt will be cracking open another good bottle of plonk.

Housing & land supply policies under coalition

The third part of my introduction to the new government's housing & land policies is this piece on the specifics in the coalition agreement and the confidence & supply agreement with the Greens.  Parts one and two are here and here respectively.

The text of the coalition agreement between Labour and New Zealand First is here.

The specifics on housing/land development is just this.  Yes, just one, and this is it:
  • Establish a Housing Commission.
The text of the Labour/Green confidence and supply agreement is here:  

The specifics on housing/land development are these:
  • Aim to end energy poverty in New Zealand and ensure that every New Zealander has a warm, dry, secure home, whether they rent or own.
  • Budget provision will be made to substantially increase the number of homes insulated.
  • Deliver innovative home ownership models within the State and broader community
    housing programme.
I'm very surprised that there is nothing in the coalition agreement concerning the prohibition on foreign buyers, particularly because it's a New Zealand First policy.  And frankly, considering how much fuss both Labour and New Zealand First made of this issue over the last few years, it's an insult to our collective intelligence that the only thing they actually promise to do is to implement another bureaucracy.

My next post is a lengthy diatribe on Phil Twyford's discriminatory foreign-buyer ban, which seems to be the first thing the government wants to do, despite it not rating a mention in the coalition agreement.